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Kimiko Story

Breakthrough Skincare Unites with Luxurious Color and Redefines Beauty ...

Kimiko is a revolutionary line of skincare solutions built directly into cosmetics. Transcending traditional makeup, Kimiko is designed as the first color collection to instantly enhance skin while providing targeted treatments.
Through the harmony of science and artistry, Kimiko is makeup with intention. Each stroke of color delivers signature trademarked ingredient complexes to help smooth, firm and rejuvenate skin. Kimiko·s practice of intelligent beauty gives every application purpose for complexions that are brilliant today and youthful tomorrow.

Behind the Brand

Danielle Vincent

"Every woman is unique, and should be able to look and feel extraordinary. Kimiko delivers immediate enhancement while at the same time provides the long term benefits of healthier looking skin. Kimiko is designed to give them beauty beyond today."
- Danielle Vincent.

An expert in the beauty industry, Danielle Vincent was inspired to create Kimiko Beauty to fill a need she recognized was not being met by today's beauty brands. Inspiration came from countless women who expressed their need to her for makeup that did more than give coverage and accentuate features. This was the driving force behind Kimiko Beauty, the first targeted treatment cosmeceutical color line.

As a makeup artist, she worked with every major beauty brand and listened to the concerns of her clients. "Working face to face with hundreds of women, I found there was a common thread linking their wish lists. Why couldn't makeup do more than just cover and color?"

She became driven to take her passion for artistry and science and create her own revolutionary line of cosmetics. This journey took her to leading laboratories where she worked intensely with chemists for two years. Kimiko Beauty was born, creating the first color cosmetic line to both enhance and care for skin concerns.

Every detail of Kimiko has been meticulously designed. The integration of science and art is fundamental to the line. The latest clinical active ingredients are used at concentrations at and above proven efficacious levels to allow the products to work beautifully as targeted treatments. Kimiko's design and philosophy is inspired by the elegance of Japanese art and ritual whose aesthetic is simple yet deeply purposeful.

Kimiko is the founder's middle name, and embodies the spirit of its Japanese characters - KI (Energy), MI (Beauty) and KO (Youth) - by giving women beauty beyond today.