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Kimiko is devoted to creating Beauty Beyond Today. This line of treatment cosmetics and skincare contains the latest clinical active ingredients with concentrations that are at and above proven efficacious levels.

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The following signature ingredients and technologies are found throughout Kimiko:

This is a unique active anti-aging ingredient that moisturizes, firms and reduces skin wrinkles. Hydra-FirmaLift™ stimulates the natural anti-aging defenses of the cells and also counteracts enzymes responsible for skin aging, resulting in a toned and youthful appearance. Hydra-FirmaLift™ contains lipophilic moisturizers to hydrate and firm for an anti-wrinkle and smoothing effect. Free-radical scavenging action also improves and protects skin elasticity, giving a lifting and tightening effect.

Marine Collagen Filling Spheres™
This form of collagen is a very effective and natural way to get fully plumped, soft lips-without visiting the doctor. When the dehydrated micro-spheres of marine collagen and chondroitin are applied to the lips, the collapsed spheres re-hydrate (with the natural moisture content of the lips) and dramatically increase lip volume, lip hydration and overall softness. The collagen spheres instantly smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. Hypoallergenic and non-irritating.

This active ingredient contains metalloproteinase inhibitors to reduce the appearance of dark under-eye circles while increasing skin’s firmness and elasticity. Renuva-Eyebright™ helps maintain the integrity of the Extracellular matrix by inhibiting collagenase activity (this plays a major role in aging) while improving the skin’s protective functions and inhibiting irritation. Renuva-Eyebright™ also significantly slows the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and diminishes redness by decreasing capillary permeability.

Anti-Puff Rescue+™
A preventative and reparatory treatment complex designed to treat tissue swelling and inflammation of the under eye skin to improve smoothness, firmness and tone. Anti-Puff Rescue+™ contains a complex of ingredients that decreases capillary permeability, improves lymphatic drainage, and restores elasticity and firmness.

Micro-particle Delivery System™
This unique ingredient encapsulation process greatly enhances product stability, and enables the strength of the active ingredients to remain intact. This structure extends the product performance and results in optimal ingredient delivery into the skin. The time-released system works through organized micro vesicle lipid structures (spherical layers) that contain up to seven bi-layer membranes that house performance ingredients. Time along with the warmth of the skin causes these layers to slowly dissolve one by one to continually release active ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin. This delivery system encapsulates 100% of the formula for maximum results.