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The Essential Brush Collection

Travel smart and light, with these seven-in-four essential makeup brushes, including three dual-ended brushes, and one do-it-all powder brush

Cruelty-free hairs ensures that no animals were harmed in the making (haircuts only)

Each incredibly soft, premium quality brush is hand-crafted from the finest natural hairs

Do more with less! These incredibly soft brushes are artist-developed for optimal form and best function. Smart labeling on the handles removes any guesswork to achieve easy and precise makeup application. Perfectly sized handles are travel-friendly and fit in any beauty kit, while the capped ends are ideal for storing upright.

The collection includes:

The Essential Powder Brush (extremely soft squirrel and goat hairs) for perfect powder, blush and bronzer application

The Essential Shadow brush (extremely soft squirrel, goat and pony hairs) includes an angled end for crease and lid application, and a smudge brush for powder liner and detailed application

The Essential Concealer Brush (silky nylon for optimal application) includes a flat brush for under eye concealing, and a point concealer that doubles as a covered lip brush

The Essential Brow and Lash Brush (pony hair with nylon spoole) includes an angled brow brush and a lash and brow comb

To ensure the optimal care of your beautiful new makeup brushes, store flat or upright and avoid crushing the natural hairs. To clean, use a gentle (preferably fragrance-free) cleanser, create a lather and rinse thoroughly. Gently pat out excess moisture, re-shape brush, and lay flat to dry.


The Essential Brush Collection

The Essential Brush Collection
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product_s_powderbrush.jpg Essential Powder Brush
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product_s_shadowbrush.jpg Essential Shadow Brush
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